Where do we turn when we need to make the right choices?

In this episode, Matt talks to Scott about a friend of his who has done some crazy, dangerous things - like riding porcupines, selling broken microwaves, and punching bulls in the face - and drags Matt into them. What happens when Matt confronts this friend about the choices they've made?

Discussion Questions:
1. Who do you turn to when you need to make a decision? Who are some people you can talk to who would help you to make the right choice?
2. What are some things the Bible says that can help us when we have a choice to make?
3. If you have a friend who is making some bad choices in his or her life, what's something you can say to them to help them make better choices?
4. Ask your mother or father about a time they've made a good decision in their life. Did they talk to anyone? Who? Did they pray?

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