Maintaining an images drop shadow and reflection multiplication settings in illustrator from a placed file.

1. Place image as a linked file
2. select "edit original" from top toolbar (available when placed image is selected)
3. in photoshop use the clipping path if available (option click the path in paths palette to select all anchors) and paste into illustrator
3.1. if clipping path is not available create in illustrator or photoshop (if using photoshop, paste finished path into illustrator)
4. select the pasted in path and the place image (shift+click to select multiple objects)
5. option-click the place image to make it the key-element, it should highlight the edges of the object.
6. using the align panel (set to align to key object) center the path to the image (horizontally and vertically). a combination of both hor. and vertical. can be used, or just hori. or just vert. What ever gets the path centred and closer to overlaying over the place image.
7. With both the path and placed object selected, group them together (CMD+G).
8. double click the group you made to begin edtting within that group (prevents selecting things you might not want to.)
9. set the place images transparency to multiply and lock this element (CMD+2).
10. select the path and make its fill colour white. Send this object to back (CMD + [) so that it is behind the locked/multiplied image.
11. move the white filled path so that it sits directly behind the area of the image which should not be transparent (CMD+H will hide the outlines of the path to make it easier to see where you are moving the white fill).
12. once you are happy with how the images are lined up unlock all locked items (opt+cmd+2) and double click the back ground to exit group editing)
13. move and scale your masked image as need.

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