Music: Zebenzui González and Jose Guillén
Performer and voice: Judit Mendoza
Timelapses: Noelia Ramón
Video recording in white background: Carlos Castilla
Audio edition: Tony Peña
Video editing: Jose Guillén and Ciani Martín
Video direction: Jose Guillén

The Doors of Infinite is the representation of the concept of infinite from a philosophical, artistic and mathematical perception. We begin with W. Blake´s aphorism “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, INFINITE'', and we pursue that cleansing, a new dawn. The piece, with palindrome and fractal structure, is composed of three parts: the first one presents the concept of infinite accompanied by fragmented music and a discontinuous choreography; the second part is a noise-and-silence loop as an inflexion point leading to the third part, where a new language is born out of an algorithm, accompanied by an indian raga and slow and liquid movements. Music, voice and dance trying to catch the immense vastness.

Las Puertas del Infinito es la representación del concepto de infinito desde una percepción filosófica, matemática y artística. Partimos del aforismo de W. Blake “Si las puertas de la percepción se purificaran todo aparecería al hombre tal y como es, INFINITO”, y perseguimos esa purificación, un nuevo amanecer. La pieza, con estructura de palíndromo y fractal, se compone de tres partes: la primera presenta el concepto de infinito acompañado por música fragmentada y una coreografía discontinua; la segunda es un bucle de ruido y silencio que sirve de punto de inflexión hacia la tercera, donde nace un nuevo lenguaje a partir de un algoritmo, acompañado por una raga hindú y un movimiento pausado y líquido. Música, voz y danza persiguiendo lo inconmensurable.

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