Trying to write a few words about a surf trip or a video you made about you going surfing is not that easy, let me rephrase that, trying to write a few words that actually mean something or entertain is not that easy. You see its been done, done again and then jazzed up a bit sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and done some more. We didn't discover a new spot, ride the biggest wave or stick a new trick, well i did but know one saw it honest ha ha.

We merely slid along a few waves surfed our brains out and had a good time, those memories, that one perfect wave that funny wipeout are all locked away for us to keep, to try and explain it now well you had to be there i guess, it just doesn't work on paper.

Having said that it is easier to just film the whole thing so here you go episode 9 of StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE - Postcards From Portugal, best watched with a cup of tea and a biscuit, I hope you enjoy and it gets you amped to go slide a few yourself : ) cheers Stokesy

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