Shot on the Puna Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i, Alessandra passionately vocalizes her powerful poem while Buckman Coe belts out on the ukulele to a live audience of the ocean, the land and the people.

The Transmutation of Gold

We can't ask any moment to be perfect
but sometimes there's no need to speak.

A god dragged matchsticks
through the last flame of day

and it seems like you could reach them,
if you cared enough to move.

The world asks what you are so petrified of.

Why you hide your bucktooth heart in gossamer
and sunlight when a cobweb in the rain

is so goddamn beautiful.

No divorce is expected. No death, no broken bone
and no perfect sunset, but it happens anyway.

There you are on the bus, and grace finds you.

We loose what we held most carefully
and in the glass shards re-learn touch.

How could we know the sinew of these hands
if we never cut them.

If we never saw our own blood,
what proof would we have of its colour.

And then how would we understand dusk,
when Isis opens her wrists to spill holy

into hieroglyphs of sky and god asks
What are you waiting for, Beautiful.

Go on now, give us a kiss.

Text and performance by Alessandra Naccarato
Music by Buckman Coe
DP: Taylor Powell (teepee)
Additional Camera: Gary Schroder

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