Calling all spectrum artists! We’re looking for original art!
The book that Dr. Tony Attwood, Anita Lesko and I have been assembling - “Been there. Done that. Try this!” is now over half complete. We’re on track to finish this summer. So why are we looking for artwork? Simple. Words only tell part of the story when it comes to issues of stress. I know to people on the spectrum – many gifted with artistic abilities – that stress can have a more intense feel and, possibly a look. So what does “Anxiety” look like? And to someone with autism, what does depression look like? How about self-esteem or even faking it?
Each of the 17 research-identified issues/stressors has a chapter in the book, along with the Aspie Mentor’s "life-gained" wisdom for addressing and overcoming that issue. But I’d like to include something more… a visual, a drawing, a painting perhaps that helps explain just how painful, powerful or disturbing this stress-inducing issue really is to someone with autism.
This video tells you how your artwork can help aid understanding and be a part of this book.
Here are instructions on how to submit artwork:

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