Date: July 2011.
Medium: Sound-reactive projected installation.

We were invited by the guys at the Hackney Wicked festival to do an inhibition, and decided to re-use the voice-control approach from 'Conversations', but to take that into a more sinister direction. Our main aim was to experiment with voice control of video, and to give the audience a visceral and yet playful experience, and this time to allow them to progress from one person to the next.

The project involved about twenty kilos of flour, many litres of water, and a high speed camera shoot in our studio in Hackney Wick.

About Tango&Hawaii

Tango & Hawaii is collaboration between two visual artists, Luciano Foglia and Anrick Bregman. Working from their studio in Hackney Wick, they create sound and visuals which explore the interplay between the randomised mathematical unpredictability of code and the tangible textures and nuances of real life.

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