Premise: A bounty Hunter teaches a young woman bent on revenge the way of the the gun.

Western Australian director Mike Hoath and producer Dan Wood are the Australian winners in Sony Pictures Aspiring Movie Maker Competition to promote the upcoming release of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. The pair won the Australian component of the competition based on a submission of a five minute excerpt from their successful LINK funded film, Crosshairs ( The team then completed a four minute short based on a script excerpt from Django Unchained with cinematographer Richard Kickbush.

It was filmed in Melbourne in the historic Argus Building and featured WA born actor, Simon Lyndon (Chopper, Caught Inside, Thin Red Line, Underbelly) and Talia Zucker (Lake Mungo, Ned Kelly, Killing Time).

The short project is being used exclusively to promote the 24 January 2013 release of Django Unchained.

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