So, what is the Boolieman rig?

Well, Boolieman is a character rig in Maya 2011. It's designed to be molded and shaped like clay, and when animated will behave like actual clay!.

The Boolieman rig is very different from all other animation rigs.

In a normal rig your mesh is uniform – Booliemans mesh changes whenever it's moved. You dial the geometry up and down on any part of the rig, giving you full control over the mesh density.
Other rigs has elaborate texture maps and UV layouts – boolieman has just one color, which you can change via the main controller.

The reason Boolieman can do all this is that the entire rig is built out of custom boolean primitives.

Boolie Ball is a Polygon Ball primitive you can bend. you can control not only the translate, rotate and scale, but also the polygon subdivisions and Radius of the sphere, which is independant from the scale. There are two bones which bind it – these bones allow you to bend the sphere which is useful for Booliemans hands and feet.

BooliePeg is a Peg shaped primitive made of a sphere and a cylainder. It bends like the three point arc and twists along its axis – This primitive has three control objects – when transformed they control the curvature and thickness of the peg. They have geometry controls in the channel box. The Boolie peg is used to make Boolieman's head. This unique primitive can be used to build all sorts of objects..

Boolie Bod is 5 Polygon Spheres strung together in a row – there are two controls – pull them apart and the spheres will stretch out between them. Pull far enough and the spheres will separate Like Transforming the control objects affects the end condtions of the boolean

These three primiteves are put together and attached to a basic animation rig. This unique rig will stand out as an animation test, or can be used to create a wide diversity of low resolution characters, Theres a lot of fun and discovery to be had working with this rig. As of this release I've only scratched the surface.

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