Studio Hansa completed the rebrand of CBS' portfolio of TV channels across EMEA.

Action offers us a glimpse into yet another fantastical world. Part hangar, part shooting range, Action contains a vivid orange-branded rail that weaves throughout.

The embodiment of the turbulent journey of action narratives, we follow a cart as it hurtles and weaves it's way through. However it is no ordinary vessel, producing an arsenal of weaponry it amazingly conquers every target that surprises us along the way…from pinball paddles, kung-fu fighters and alien beings.

The idea reinforces the iconic colour-based proposition of CBS Chellozone (orange) coupled with the premium space and the high-adrenaline spectacle of action based stories.

Client: CBS/Chellozone
SVP/Creative Director: Andy Kidger

Concept: Studio Hansa
Creative Director: Nick Scott
Exec. Producer: Omar Honigh

Director: Nick Scott
CGI/VFX: GlossyRey
Composer: Si Begg

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