'Old Friends' by Leron Thomas, from the album ...Take It
Video Edited by Leron Thomas
Lead Vocals - Leron Thomas
Background Vocals - Leron Thomas and Malik Crumpler
From Project "Leron Thomas... Take It"
Production of Project by Leron Thomas and Malik Crumpler
recorded and mixed at Milerapa's Mind in New York, New York
mastered by David Michel Ruddy at the Hidden Fortress Oakland California


Who's that able gent right there, He's the old friend, We would make each other kiss each other's dairy aires,
Although it seldom worked, too busy being jerks.

Ha, I hear you reverend, but you might not make it to Heaven with that hang shake that you're giving,
Your yea ain't yea, and your nay and nay, don't sold your soul away.

Put em together, and them juices from the Chalice ain't from Alice, that's the old friends.

Who's that girl with that backside, she's the childhood dream that used to be with me at every little stride, now I'm not so amused, instead I'm more confused.

Ever been saying the same thing

No need to crawl inside the night, no more.

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