IT Industry Groups Launch Strategic Business Initiative to Accelerate ICT Education

by Bill on December 12, 2012
Centerpiece is a call to action including a wider-ranging partnership with business, industry, government and education – Call for Support!

January 3, 2013 – Mid Pacific ICT Center Winter Conference San Francisco, CA. — The ICT Workforce Preparation Task Force announced today the launch of several strategic initiatives designed to address the rising demand for a more skilled Information Technology workforce.

Leading Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry and professional associations, ICT practitioners, students, educators and government agencies have formed the Workforce Preparation Initiative to rally business, industry and government support for ICT Workforce Preparation.

Why do we need this initiative?

It’s vitally important that policy decision makers and leaders fully understand the strategic importance of ICT, ICT industries and technology employment. ICT employers are not able to find the skilled workers they need to grow their organizations. Press reports that our students are falling short in the core academic and Career Technical Education (CTE) subjects when compared to their international counterparts. As the resolution states, we believe CTE education is a critical component.

The initiative seeks to:

• Demonstrate to the Legislature, the Department of Education and consumers that ICT and Career and Technical Education are valued and supported by business and broader communities;
• Express the community’s strong belief that CTE prepares students with skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s economy; and
• Highlight the critical role that ICT education plays in economic and homeland security.

“To remain competitive, ICT employers must have, a digitally literate labor pool, a technically competent and educated workforce, an educated and digitally literate consumer base, said: Alan Rowland, Education Business Development Manager at the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) and Bill Cullifer, the initiative co-chairs.

Call for Participation:

The specifics of the Workforce Preparation Initiative calls on government officials, policymakers and planners and ICT business and industry organizations and practitioners to:

• Acknowledge the strategic importance of ICT industries in the U.S. economy
• Acknowledge the importance of ICT workforce development and take measures to stimulate ICT workforce development throughout public workforce and educational systems.
• Acknowledge the importance of Digital Literacy, or ICT user competencies, throughout society,
• Embed ICT competencies into educational system at all level
• Provide professional development and industry certification for 1000 secondary and post-secondary ICT educators
• Adopt and implement existing ICT educational strategies that lead to ICT jobs and careers
• Be an active participant

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