For one day, take a walk in the shoes of another. There's a very special reality going on behind doors and fences at Biala Special School in the coastal town of Ballina, New South Wales, Australia.

My film, titled, "One Day 12.12.12" documents a day in the life of compassionate teachers and carers who dedicate numerous hours to the care and education of some of the most severely mentally and physically challenged students in the region. In the wake of recent unfavourable academic results from the New South Wales Education System, this film rebuts the feedback that teachers and aides are not doing enough for the adults of tomorrow.

"One Day 12.12.12" captures the greatly misunderstood world of autism and intellectual disabilities. From saying a simple "hello" in the morning, to cutting a piece of paper, these students are in a world unto themselves that often clashes with the rest of societies norms and social graces. My short documentary looks at the world through the eyes of disabled children in order to evoke empathy and understanding.

Undeterred by a camera and a foreign individual in the school grounds, these children show to the One Day on Earth community their unique qualities and exuberant personalities, proving that while they fit into a category of people, they are just as diverse and abled as we.

A film for the 2012 One Day on Earth initiative
Used a Canon 7D
No colour filters or picture grading was done to any of these shots
Special thanks to the children, teachers, aids, carers, parents and Board Members at the Biala School Community, Ballina, NSW, Australia

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