The Ozone Edge is an amazingly efficient kitesurfing wing and not only is the number one kite for kitesurf racing, but on snow the efficiency translates to a wing who's efficiency upwind and glide ratio are unmatched. Bondurant, Wy has a soaring hills that many kites glide ration cannot skim the surface like the Ozone Edge, it can beat out a paraglider and speedwing with the ratio of efficiency for this hill. It's hard to believe, but Wayne is riding into 25mph+ wind down a 30 degree or less slope. A paraglider and a speedwing would either sink needing lift or get blown backwards.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and can see a little of the 2013 Edge's efficiency for yourself.
When I was tired from riding myself, I grabbed my gopro and my sled and Chased Wayne Phillips and Pascal Joubert around for one of our first sessions on the 2013 Ozone Edge. Still a little sage brushy there at Bondurant, but we'll take it!

Footage from January 15th.

-Will Taggart

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