On Christmas week, Michele from The Heart Bandits contacted me about David's plans to propose to his sweet girlfriend Susie in the empty Morgan-Wixson Theater in Santa Monica.

Michele and David planned a personal experience that reflected the couple's vacationing in Hawaii. So while Susie thought she was just going to see a matinee play of the Lion King, she was in for something entirely different and more personal! The ambiance was... Perfect! The stage was set up with stars, flowers arrangements, candles floating in mason jars and a board on an easel that simply said "Shorty Boo," Susie's adorable nickname.

Before they arrived, wow, I could hardly contain my own excitement combined with nervousness while I staked out my position for their entrance into the empty theater. The anticipation was far more emotional than what weddings ever are!

The look on Susie's face was priceless and we captured it! After Susie was ushered onto stage by David, they were greeted and entertained by Hula Dancers and then serenaded by their favorite song "Perfect" sung by the talented Karla Moxley. David got down on one knee, opened a ring box and proposed to Susie. It was tender, sweet and PERFECT! What an amazing last event to be filming at the end of 2012.

Congratulations to Susie and David on their new beginning together!


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