A stop motion short film about the girl everyone seems to know, written & directed by Kai Stänicke. You may know this girl. But you don't know her story.

"Own Drum" tells a story about self-determination. It's the story of Barbie, who fulfils social expectations and therefore leads an imposed existence in which she is unsatisfied.
Barbie falls in love with a mysterious, red haired woman but she is too insecure to react to her feelings. Instead she does what people expect her to do: She goes with Ken and an unkind, but socially accepted, relationship. Doing the one thing she is good at, Barbie suppresses her own desires, as it has been expected by women for all her life. But she is haunted by the thought of what could have been and keeps losing control of her emotions. Realising that she wasted her only chance to live a happy and fulfilled life Barbie tries to find someone to blame. And succeeds.

A film by Kai Stänicke

Produced by Paul Ohmert for Maxim Matthew creations group GmbH in Co-Operation with Roland Fischer from Ocean Pictures

Animated by: Fritz Penzlin, Tine Kluth, Susanna Jerger

Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/owndrummovie

OWN DRUM thanks its partners:

Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film: junger-deutscher-film.de
Elledorado e.V.: elledorado.de
Homosexuelle Selbsthilfe e.V.: hs-verein.de
InDe Rechtsanwälte: inde.eu

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