The official trailer for Leggit, the 40 minute comedy drama.

Starring: George Cowin, Ben Reygate, Abigail Parmenter & Marcus Kelly
Written & Created by: Oliver Clubb & Gulliver Moore
Produced by Hazel Jupp
Directed by Gulliver Moore
Director of Photography: Oliver Clubb
Sound Recordist: Ben Witt
Specialist Camera & Lighting: Ben Cornish
Original Soundtrack by Oliver Clubb
Clapper & Script Supervisor: Evangeline Baudains
Production Assistant: Hannah Elder
Makeup Design: Caroline Daye
Makeup Assistant: Jenna Barron
Motion Graphics & Foley: Gulliver Moore
Edited, Graded & Audio Mixed by Oliver Clubb & Gulliver Moore

Special Thanks to: Rousselos Aravantinos, Jack Barton, Chris Baudains, Emily Bell & Martin Butler, Nigel Clubb, Jerry King, Neil Shoosmith, Wilf Swann and Derek Smith.


'Feet Hit the Floor' Performed by Mr Tom, Written by Nick Crow, Dom Andrew, Steve Colver and Lee Marcer. Courtesy of Simon Noble.

'Night Bus' Performed by Droptek. Courtesy of Monstercat Media 2012.

'Games' Performed by The Windy City. Under Creative Commons Licence.

Shot on Location in Bournemouth in April - May 2012.

Shot on a Sony FS100, 18-200mm Sony Lens 5.6, 28mm Sigma Prime, 50mm Canon 1.4, 18mm Pancake Sony Lens (with Wide Angle Converter).

Edited in Final Cut Pro 7, Graded in Apple Color. Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects. Mixed in Soundtrack Pro.

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