What is it like, to be able to breathe underwater?
We believe, it is something extremely exceptional.

Being acknowledged as a branch of extreme sport doesn't make scuba diving less popular. In fact, more and more people are getting certified and the communities of scuba diving enthusiasts are rising.

But sometimes, people hesitate to jump right into the blue water. They're afraid for a lot of reasons: afraid of the dark and deep ocean, afraid of not being able to descend, afraid of being drowned, or afraid of being surrounded by water and be in the whole new world they've never experienced before.

That's why we were conducting a program called "Cobain Diving" (Try Scuba Diving). We want to introduce people to the diving world in a very easy and friendly way.

By conducting it in a swimming pool, a controlled area, we hope people may feel safer, more comfortable, and more confident. This is too, a very fun way to learn scuba diving. Just look at all the smiles and cheerful noise the people are making in the video.

What are you waiting for? Try scuba diving today, get yourself certified soon and go dive Indonesia!

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