This is my final creature shot in Animation Mentor's Advanced Creature Production.

The idea is to tell a story in 6 seconds. So, my story is about an Ogre has just killed his supper (dead large cat), and is about to drag it home when all of a sudden he gets attacked by an opportunistic Ogre looking for a free meal. He gets a mouthful of cat it's just not the way he would have like to eat it.

I shot the back plate on my 7D, at Arches Nat'l Park in Utah. Tracked it in Syntheyes, and brought everything into Maya for animation. The loin cloth were simulated with ncloth. Compositing was completed in AE - just some color correction and motion blur added pretty simple on the post side for this.

I would like to thank my Mentor Nicole Herr, she was an awesome mentor and her crits really helped my work.

Thanks for viewing!

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