'Guantanamo' is new material from acclaimed singer-songwriter Paul Metsers, recorded at 'The Workshop Sessions' on 11th March 2012. At the time of writing, the notorious 'detention facility' is still in use, despite the promises of world leaders to close it. Some of the prisoners have been held for ten years without charge or trial. This song is written from the perspective of an inmate.

Please visit paulmetsers.com/Biography.html for more information about Paul, to listen to clips and purchase his albums.

'Guantanamo' is played on Appalachian dulcimer.

published by Sagem

I was in Guantanamo, gutter of shame
Harvest of blame - vengeance and pain
I was in Guantanamo, shackles and chains
Oh, for such a long, long time

I was in Guantanamo, never knowing why
They said I was the enemy - who really ought to die
I was in Guantanamo, no-one heard my cry
Oh, for such a long, long time -cho-

I was in Guantanamo, the jailer said to me
'Now we've got you here- You'll never more be free'
I was in Guantanamo, seemed like eternity
Oh, for such a long, long time -cho-

I was in Guantanamo - what was my crime?
No charge and no trial - and still I'm doin' time
I was in Guantanamo, way past my prime
Oh, for such a long, long time -cho-

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