Adamastor is an interactive audiovisual installation of a smaller scale world.
The world is composed by a planet that initially is empty, but in the course of time, life forms start to develop. These life forms move around the planet, explore the surface, evolve, multiply and spend its resources.
The audience acts like “Adamastor”, the Master of the forces of Nature.
They observe the world from a top view and can interact with it by blowing in a series of windmills. This way, the audience can generate wind, or even a storm inside the virtual world, and have the power to interfere with the digital life or even destroy the planet.

Video from the first prototype. The first version of Adamastor (v001), that worked as a prof of concept, was developed in 2012 as a group project of the course “Multimedia in Performing Arts” from the Doctoral Programme in Digital Media (Universidade do Porto).

It was developed by Manuel Meirinhos, Tiago Santos, Francisco Pedro, Luis Salgado, Henrique Serro, Katarzyna Sobolewska and Rodrigo Carvalho. It was exhibited in “Future Places”(Porto, November 2012), and “Cri.D.A” (Guimarães, October 2012).

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