Official music video for the song Outside (The Selfish Love Manifesto) by T.O.M. Project


Here is the deal between us
Here is our pact for life

We could keep our secrets
As we should keep the lies

You don't owe me reasons
So I won't ask you why

Here is the deal between us
Don't ever look outside

Here is the deal on freedom
We don't believe in shame
This is our vision, our common way

We're not here for revenge
Fleeing from someone else
And we take no prisoners other than ourselves

Here is the deal on future
No missed chance to regret
Pretend there is no consequence when things get hard to forget

Take the past for granted as tomorrow may be not
Take today as it comes as it's everything we got
If we never look outside

Outside, don't ever look outside


directed by:
Federico Scargiali -

Ilario Bailot, Elisa Gabrielli

make-up effects:
Mattia Vignotto

production assistant:
Azzurra Miotto

thanks to:

Comune di Ruda

for their kind support and for granting us the permission to enter and use the location

Carlo Bressan
Isabella Dalla Torre
Raffaella Orzan
Luca Postorino
Lia Santarossa
Bernardino Spanghero

for their help and contribution to the making of this videoclip

©T.O.M. Project

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