One of the Intro sequences from my very talented friend Guilherme Marcondes' "Driveway Decision Maker" project with Bossa. The full interactive experience is over at

I was onboard as designer, concept artist animator and compositor for this. Props to Dan Savage for the graphics that animate over the car, as well as the very industrious team of cg guys pumping out a dozen or so camera angles worth of renders to be projected back out on set.

"The visuals in this sequence were all created in-camera and shot live, except for the very first shot of the 3 cars. We used 8 projectors hooked to a array of processors capable of handling the synchronized multichannel HD feed. The animations were beamed on the surface of the car and on the walls of the studio."

Agency: Innocean
Interactive production company: Bossa
Director: Guilherme Marcondes
Production Company: Hornet Inc.
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Head of Production: Greg Bedard
Chief Technology Officer: Sang-Jin Bae
Producer: Cathy Kwan
Editor: Anita Chao
VFX Supervisor: Arman Matin
Storyboard Artist: Bill Moore
Designers: Alex Mapar, Felipe Posada
AE Animation: Alex Mapar, Daniel Savage, Gabriel Pulecio, Yussef Cole
Compositor: Yussef Cole, John Harrison, Tavet Gillson
CG Modeler/Texturer/Lighting/Render: Erwin Riau, Marty Geren
CG Modeler/Texturer: Dan Fine, Stanley Ilin
CG Layout Artist: Meghdad Asadi
CG Animatior: Phil McNagny
Camera: Sean Thorpe
Roto Artist: Raven Ribbon Productions
Live Action Producer: Jennifer Pearlman
Director of Photography: Thaddeus Wadleigh
Associate Producer: Kevin Smith
Production Supervisor: Al Smith
Production Coordinator: Jan Skorstad
Production Assistant: Andrea Sanchez-Sarmiento, Glenn Harvey, Kolton Cahoon, Bryan Eliacin, Matt Taylor, Adriano Vasquez, Mike Gibbs
1st AC: John C Reyes
2nd AC: Nick Martin
DIT: Scott Resnick
Gaffer: Miles Watanbe
Best Boy Electrician: Paul Lyons
Key Grip: Tana Dubbe
Best Boy Grip: James Coffin
Grip: Tom Watson
Grip: Bob Novolino
Technocrane Op: Christian Hurley
Technocrane Tech: Karl Eckhardt
Script Supervisor: Edye Rice
Stage Manager: Steve Pompili
Projectors provided by: Background Images
Watchout Programmer: Chad Williams
Sr. Projectionist: James King
Pojection Utility: Andy Biglin, Mike Muscato, Ryan Stallings, Kollin Depew
Craft Service: Alma Weaks
Car Prep provided by Car Prep, Inc.
Sound Design & Music: AntFood

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