A hard-hitting, realistic look at today’s capital environment from one of Wall Street’s leading chief economists. Dr. Neal Soss, Ph.D. is a managing director and chief economist of Credit Suisse, former New York Fed official and assistant to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul A. Volcker. Click Here for Bio.

This “can’t miss” briefing is essential for sophisticated investors, dealmakers, service providers, and corporate financial executives as the New Year dawns. How well prepared are you to operate in an extended continuation of today’s low-interest-rate, scarce-capital environment?

Dr. Soss will address such complex questions as:

How available is capital within the global financial system?
How will monetary restraint and monetary stimulus affect the availability of capital?
Will a bear market be needed before interest rates rebound?
Can central banks afford to scrap low interest rates?
Will there be any windfalls for investors in today’s capital environment?
What are the implications for investors and dealmakers of a low-interest-rate and scarce-capital environment?

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