This was an installation I did in my studio space for January 4's Art Murmur. Here's the statement I included:

For this murmur I decided to do something a little different. I recently happened upon a slide projector, still in its original packaging, in the studio of an artist who was cleaning out unwanted things. Not even that old, it still felt as if I had stumbled upon a relic from a bygone era.

Back at home, stored amongst my library of negatives, I have one smaller binder of slides which have sat practically untouched for years. The images are ‘old’ in terms of my photographic trajectory. Some are from high school and are among the first pictures I ever took in color, while others are from college and document my semester abroad in Ecuador as well as a spring break trip down to Baja.

During those years I would occasionally buy a roll or two of slide film along with the regular rolls of negative film. They would be my special rolls; I would save them for when it felt right. But other than this I had no real intention for the slides themselves. It’s as if I was sporadically taking images to save in a vault. The value of the positive transparencies was a mystery but they were somehow backed by an intrinsic value, like gold.

With the projector in my possession it’s like I had found the key to finally unlock the vault and contemplate the meaning of the pictures after all.

Now, seeing the slides projected for the first time, it feels more like reliving a memory than looking at a picture. Their illuminated and ephemeral state mimics the way these moments were experienced to begin with: vividly yet briefly. And as we enter a new year I think it’s important to remember that all that will happen in 2013 will too become a slide, but as long as we have a projector, whatever its form, we will hold the key to the vault.

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