Music by Theo -
Video by Elijah -
With Additional Photography by
Akira Chan -
Peter Fae -
Dustin Englemind -

A Year of Love, of Creation, of Discovery - 2012 in Fast Forward

Tribal Convergence Evo in San Diego -
Theo's Successful Kickstarter - to see the album he made Love is ForGiving

Unio Mystica A New Season for Love Event and Musical -

Artists in Residence - Neena, Alysha, and Raul

Raul Casillas Romo Finishes Ancient Aqua Blessing -

Mana Prima -

333 Portal -

Unio Mystica Remix -

Artist in Residence Fez - Plants and Waters the Precious Seeds for his Lily Flowers -

OneDoorLand at Burning Man
Guardian Teepee at Red Lighting
Red Lightning Visionary Art Gallery Curated by Binah -
Featuring Art by Subliminal Phoenix -

Indralaya Dome -

Mosaic Hearts Music Video -
Chef Marya Stark -

WeSource Missions -

ICU Muse Sessions for Alysha -

The Golden Egg -

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