What if we could predict our individual future more reliably through datamining methods?

Mino is a small ambient device that displays predictions on your future based on your current behavior. It will help you to better understand the possible effects of what you are doing now - and ultimately make better financial provisions. Mino allows you to monitor your financial data in relation to other aspects of your life: your health, your social life as well as global scenarios. Alternate between chart-based and iconographic visualizations to understand the meaning of numbers.

Your future self turns into a present friend that you can nourish with your actions - providing an immediate reward for something as far off as your retirement.

Mino is designed for a future scenario when all that data can be linked and put into relation: Large amounts of personal and statistical data are already collected and stored today. Some of this information is put to use by companies, and often without the full awareness of the originators. Complex algorithms make quite accurate predictions on the behavior of specific user groups. Mino uses the collection of data directly to benefit its originator.

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