Grading Test of a lowlight high contrast ISO 1250 Scene.

Part 1 ungraded examples are here:

Testing gradability of the Lumix GH3 against the Canon 5D Mark II and the hacked GH1.

Grading is a little bit over the edge to see at which point the codecs break down and how much shadow detail can be restored.

Flashing frames are on purpose, in the original footage a studio flash was fired to simulate a thunderstorm night :-)

I was pulling a "Sunny Grade" from a dark image and grading a night mood with muted highlights in the "Night Grade" to see the difference between the cameras.

Camera settings:

GH3 with 25P IPB 50 Mbit Codec
GH3 Scene Mode: Standard Contrast -5, Sharpness -2, Saturation -1, Noise Reduction -5
Lens: Rokinon (Walimex) VDSLR 35 mm

Canon 5D Mark II: Neutral Sharpness -3, Contrast -2, Saturation -2
Canon EF 50mm 1,4 and Canon 85mm 1,8

GH1 hacked with lPowell Max Latitude Patch
Settings GH1: Smooth with -2 -2 -1 -2 25P FHD
Lens: Rokinon (Walimex) VDSLR 35 mm

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