This brief video documents the installation EYEMASK: MERGEEMERGE by Robert Edgar, at the Stanford University art and science symposium and event Stanford Multidisciplinary Multimedia Meeting of Arts, Science and Humanities... SMMMASH! on January 17, 2013.

MERGEEMERGE is a proof of concept modeling a personal, real-time aesthetic portrait space for meditating on self, other, and apperception. It sets up an area approximately two inches deep, located equidistant from a video screen and a semi-silvered mirror, where the viewer's 3D reflection merges with and emerges from the 2D cinematic imagery.

Note that because of the real-time merging of the viewer's own 3D image with the 2D cinematic image, this 2D documentary video cannot provide the experience offered by the installation.

The cinematic presentation was used at Stanford was in three episodes: Immersion, Differentiation, and Langue.

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