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Patrick Switzer visits his skate & filmmaker friend Yvon Labarthe at his home in Geneva, Switzerland. Being bored from a lack of skating Patrick & Yvon spend a day in the snow kook'ing it up longboard style. Unsatisfied with snowboarding vs. skateboarding they decide they need to get back to summer, and that filming a new Greener Pastures would be the best excuse!

The acting is entirely a mockery, yet Greener Pastures "Offshore" the second film series has been in planning for the last year!

We look forward to bringing the public another industry supported film series online for your enjoyment. Please visit your favourite skate news webpage and for more information!

*We promise the episodes will not be filmed impromptu using cell phones!

Edit: Yvon Labarthe
Riders / Actors: Yvon Labarthe & Patrick Switzer
No stunt men were used in the filming
Camera: Samsung S3

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