Filmed last year in April 2012. Actually wanted to see what I could achieve with my Canon PowerShot S95.
Camera was set on monochrome and mounted on my Manfrotto 785B tripod. I carried the tripod with both hands holding two extended legs at waist height, with camera just above my head, enough to see the back of the display.
I was surprised to see how smooth the footage looked as I walked around this abandoned estate using the tripod to stabilize the camera.
SETTING: At sunset on a day in mid April, that had been extremely windy. Ominous clouds were racing across the sky and the mood was eerie. Great time for me to jump out of my Jeep as I had the S95 in my bag and the tripod too. I did everything on the fly, and had to race to beat the darkness that was fast approaching. Not to mention it was super creepy to be in that old estate cause the wind outside made the most incredibly strange sounds within that house.

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