This is to showcase the music composed and recorded by myself and my friend Jason Crowe (electronic musician Pandable/Pandanandi/The Rhapsody).

Music recorded July 2007 at Dancing Ledge studio, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The writing and recording process was stream-of-consciousness, playing directly with the film (with the original soundtrack of excerpts from Richard Wagner's _Tristain & Isolde_ muted), recording each musical instrument track individually -- this meant watching the muted film repeatedly. A dub-like effect was achieved by playing back the previously-recorded instrument tracks when a new one would be recorded, giving certain tracks an eerie and almost ghost-like quality, and also heightening tensions for myself and Jason as we went back-and-forth to record -- the original Wagner excerpts that Luis Bunel elected for soundtrack really do add a comedic feel to the film that isn't there when viewed silent, and becomes a feeling of tension, fear, and anxiety when watched with a soundtrack that borderlines horror. The first time I'd viewed _Un Chien Andalou_ with this soundtrack, I honestly felt nauseous.

If you wish for a DVD-R copy of this, feel free to e-mail me at

**Update 2010-04-11**
This version of the film (with my music) will be screened at an upcoming event in the Brisbane, Queensland of Australia with the 2010 restoration of Fritz Lang's _Metropolis_, and a very small number of DVDs will be available for sale. The event is organised by my friend Kali Maya Black, so I will have more details after she receives her package. DVD copies at the event will be AU$12.

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