A documentary project by Sara Tirelli
TEASER #1 Introducing the character

Maria Vittoria Backhaus is a photographer.
Born in Milan from the Mussolini family, her life has been a remarkable journey against the tide.
She joined the communist party when she was 16. After her debut in the '60s as a photojournalist reporting left wing-news, political protests and depicting beat singers, in the following decade she began to make studio photographs.
Through all these years, her photographs have described the success of the Italian design and fashion.
A tireless innovator, her ideas and insights made her become one of the greatest interpreters and unaware pioneer of contemporary imaginary.
Like a Trojan horse within the Glamour system, Maria Vittoria’s way of looking at things challenges and plays with such a slick world: those who have eyes to see, can see. Her photographs are never an end to themselves; rather they are real narrative pictures, moments in a more complex script.
The documentary is about the most significant stages of her private life, always strongly linked to the political and cultural history of Italy. Her photographs and her stories are there to witness her personal vision of the world, from the role of women in a male-dominated society to the ironic criticism that has characterized every single choice of her. Private and public visual documents that over the years have built an archive of life all to be discovered.
A warm and subtle portrait of a singular attitude towards the world.

The documentary is in its development and fundraising stage. Any feedback is welcome!

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