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This is a short project of my work during year 2012. Many people release their show reels or portfolios of the last year (2012). I decided to take a different path and made a short video of some of my favorite scenes from my earlier projects. Furthermore - I decided to show you how those scenes were made, so I did a breakdown of most of the effects and techniques used there :)

Don't expect much as there are only several scenes shown, however I hope you will find the breakdown interesting.
If so, please let me know in the comments.

2013 should bring even more complex scenes and projects and it looks like it is going to be a busy year, so keep your eyes open for new Sinex Productions releases.

Soundtrack: FC Kahuna - Hayling (Max Cooper Remix)
Directed, Designed, Produced by: Denisas Cerepovic /
Scenes from: Get your toys, boys; From Entry to Exit; The Decider and other non-public yet clips.

Thanks again: comment, rate, like my facebook page and subscribe for all future updates. You are the reason I keep filming and producing my videos.

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