are more interesting when they have creative titles and detailed descriptions. Is there a story behind this video? What inspired you to make it? Tell us, or make something up!

Adding tags (descriptive keywords) can help other people find your videos. Please choose your tags carefully and make them relevant. Adding lots of useless tags makes your video harder to find.
AdvertisementAdd credits to this videoDo any other people appear in this video, or did someone else help you create it? If so, you can add them to the credits and label their role in the video. Search for a user in the field to the left and click their name to add them to the cast.

We will be adding Credit support for non-Vimeo members soon!
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Change the privacy settings for this videoWho can see this video?
Vimeo respects your videos and your right to decide who watches them. Public videos are available to anyone on the internet. Private videos allow you to choose from the following options (and do not appear on any public listings or search results):
Nobody else means only you will be able to see this video.
My contacts will only be available to your contacts on Vimeo.
People you choose allows you to individually choose Vimeo users who are cleared to watch this video.
Password protected videos will require a password that you choose. You can also embed this video on another site and it will ask for the password there.
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Add to your collectionsCheck the boxes to add this video to any groups, channels, or albums that you have. Adding videos to Groups and Channels are a good way to give videos more exposure. Adding videos to an Album can help organize your videos and the videos you like.

Don't have any collections? Use the links under Groups, Channels, and Albums to create a new collection right from this page.

Note: After you have added a video to a Channel or Group, the title and description will not retroactively update if you change the information later on – to change the information, you must manually update the information in any Channels or Groups that video is in. Also, as the owner of the video, you will always have the power to edit information or remove the video from any Channel or Groups, whenever you see fit.

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Add photos from FlickrHave any photos that relate to this video? If you have a Flickr account, you can easily add any of your photos and help bring your video page to life. Simply enter comma separated URLs or the ID number of each Flickr photo, and Vimeo will do the rest.

or just 0123456789
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Control your embedded videosVimeo Plus gives you complete control over every aspect of the embedded video player. When you make changes, you can save your settings as presets so you can use those setting again for other videos. Remember, the settings you choose will dictate how this video will appear when other users embed it.

Intro: Change these settings to allow or disallow other users the ability to remove the portrait, title, or byline when this video first loads.

Outro: Set a variety of different outro settings that will display when this video ends. Choose 'videos' to display the latest three videos from your videos, channels, groups, our albums. Choose 'These three videos' to pick specific videos, choose 'text' to write your own outro text (basic html allowed), choose 'a link' to display a link to another site, or simply choose 'nothing' if you would like a black screen to display.

Everything else: Use these settings to completely customize the embedded video player. Leaving everything checked will enable the standard player available to everyone, but as a Vimeo Plus member you can customize all the different parts to your liking. Remember, you can always preview your changes to

make sure the player looks exactly the way you want.
Want to control the embed privacy for this video? Visit the privacy settings page.
Change the video thumbnailWe automatically pick thumbnails from your video, just click one to change it. You can also upload your own custom thumbnail.

Note: These thumbnails will only be available for one month from the day you upload, after which the unused thumbnails will be deleted.
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