"No Body is Shameful" was the title of my video, as far as I knew it was not registered trademark or
a copyright title.

Oh the group mentioned below have decided to Trademark a variation of my video's title, that must have been done after I made the above comment. Maybe I don't have to change the title, or maybe I will just in case, the group is run by a lawyer after all. So I can think of plenty of people with diseased bodies and they're definitely shameful, well they would be if I had any of them.

There's a group with a name, which is running a campaign at the moment to educate everybody that all our bodies are normal, that we have no need to be ashamed of them, that what we have is good enough. The campaign is primarily about the non surgical intervention of babies born with differences of their genitalia. However they also extend it to be about forced sterilisations, or the unnecessary removal of the gonads, and forced hormone therapies in puberty, or when puberty is meant to occur.

Of course I have issues with the last part, since I believe all boys have the right to go through puberty regardless of their chromosomes and any attempt to interfere with hormone therapy for XXY boys I oppose. I have never met an XXY boy who didn't want to grow up with his peers and be like his father or brother(s).

A few XXY men have lied about their hormone therapy in order to fit in with other people who were forced to have hormone therapy against their will. And I say they're liars as they're all about my age and the only authority that set the style of treatment XXY males have is the Endocrine Society, which treats us very conservatively. Their comments about being given very large doses of testosterone, without their informed consent, I find ludicrous as I didn't have anywhere near enough testosterone therapy, that being the maximum level set by the Endocrine Society, which is an American organisation.

How can it be that Americans and Australians and Britons were given more testosterone than me when we're all under the same governing American authority?

Anyway I beat them all to it, I've not been ashamed of my great looking body for many years, and of those who have problem with my great looking body, well, they don't have to watch my videos,

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