The Nobbit is an irreverent take on JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit. It features a cantankerous, foul-mouthed old wizard, a vain, uptight dwarf and a reluctant but courageous Nobbit..oh and its a musical as well

Script adaptation by AnimaTechnica, BiggsTrek, and Killian

Music Direction by Goofparade

MacWemyss as Dildo
Killian as Thorend
GoofParade as Gonedeaf
Kate Fosk as Galadriel
Act3Scene24 as Groin
BM McCauley as Ballin
Neon-san as Bombur
Stvndysn as El-Rondo
Biggstrek as Gary the Troll
Aknzrdude as Fred the Troll
AfterThought as Loosey the troll
Stvndysn as El Rondo
Anim8tor Cathy as Gollum
Blaze Lee Dragon as Smeagol
Tom Kay as Smug
theMonk as Oys the Orc
Warlord as Finkleturd
Mefune Akira as Be-O
Norrie as Sean Kanary The Warg Rider
Chris62 as Bored of Laketown
AfterThought as Thorondor
BiggsTrek as Magic Mirror
Alley as Snowpale
DL Watson as San-Tequila
Colour as Magic Mirror 2
Jakechief as Thrush
Twilit.tera as Gorefinger

Musical Performances
Keith Eiler
Anim8tor Cathy
Mlle Celli

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