"Where We Were and Where We're Going" - Women in the Workforce, featuring Futurist Bob Chernow
Women have moved up the management ladder these past two decades. Our speaker believes that the primary reason is the change in the economy from mass production to mass customization and thus a world where co-operation and collaboration is replacing top down management style.

In a 2000 interview in The Grand Rapids Press, Chernow said that this "move will not be driven by the so-called women's movement, but by the rapid emergence of new technologies."

"What I'm talking about," he said, "is a method of management where people go from control to freedom, a system where you will basically tell people: here's the project; here's the budget. Do it!"

How will you, as women, succeed in this new world? Chernow will talk about what skills you might want to develop as well as other trends that will mold our economy and society in the next decade.

Speaker: Bob Chernow | Futurist

Bob Chernow is a nationally recognized futurist who successfully anticipated the sub prime crisis in 2006 and the S&L / Mutual Saving Bank collapse several decades ago. He has talked and written about the long term future of the economy, the changing role of women in business, the nature of terrorism, and the future of belief. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the 11,000 member World Future Society.

In his day job, Bob is a VP/Investment at RBC Wealth Management in Milwaukee. He and his partner, Linda Cowan, manage $450 million in assets. Bob has been a member of his firm's top brokers, the Chairman's Council for 18 years. Bob is a member of the MMAC, and a former Independent Business Association and the CEO Club of Chicago. He chaired the Regional Telecommunication Commission for 23 years and chaired the Milwaukee River South Watershed Commission that cleaned up the river.

A former River Hills trustee, he likes to say that he brough the Village into the 12th Century. He has been a trustee on several non-profit organizations, including his church.

A decorated Vietnam Veteran, he served in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star and Air Medal. He is a graduate of the Phoenix Program. He chaired the Milwaukee Veterans Stand Down for Homeless Vets.

Bob is the CEO of the Tellier Foundation that has worked the reduce domestic crime, among other efforts. He holds a BS degree in English and a MPA in public administration from UW-Madison. He has advanced work in geo-politics from Leicester University.

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