Photo and editing: Thomas Mortveit

Bernhard Østebø, charcoal drawing
Arvid Gangsø, violin
Tom Roger Aadland, guitar
Tore Jamne, drums

The improvisational ensemble of Initz is a project of collaboration between a visual artist and three musicians. The musicians improvise while the artist makes large drawings in charcoal. Nothing is decided in advance, except for the duration (usually ten minutes per “movement”). An Initz performance is always an organic and interactive process where the musicians and the visual artist inspire each other mutually.

Bernhard Østebø (b. 1961) is a visual artist working in the range between complex multimedia and installation projects and simpler expressions of drawing. The artistic means he draws most heavily upon are light, sound, photography, sculptural elements and drawing. His works include a number of artistic projects in the public space, both permanent and temporary, in addition to stage designs. Besides Initz, he has done improvisational projects with Norwegian singer Mari Boine and composer Magnar Åm.

Arvid Gangsø (b. 1952) is a violinist, improvisator and composer. Violin studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music, studies in composition with Olav Anton Thommesen. His extensive list of works include an especially commissioned piano concert and music for Norwegian fiddle player Nils Økland. He has been involved with improvised music since the mid-seventies, and has performed with artists such as legendary drummer John Stevens and Norwegian pioneers Finnerud Trio. His music has been performed at many concerts and festivals in Norway, in addition to Germany and Columbia. He is also a visual artist.

Tom Roger Aadland (b. 1964) has studied classical guitar at the Conservatory of Music in Oslo and has a broad activity as a singer, guitarist, composer and lyricist. He has released four solo albums and is especially noted in Norway for his translations of Bob Dylan’s songs. He has written music for a wide range of occasions and ensembles, and has worked regularly with improvised music since the mid-eighties.

Tore Jamne (b. 1966) has contributed as a drummer and/or lyricist to the albums of many Norwegian artists and bands, including multi-selling Vamp, Bjørn Berge and Norchestra. He is a drummer much in demand and has performed with national and international stars such as Nils Petter Molvær, Leif Ove Andsnes, Nils Økland, Svein Finnerud, Bjørnar Andresen, Sigbjørn Apeland, Frode Gjerstad, Kenneth Sivertsen, Knut Hamre, Andrej Nebb, Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Paul Rogers and Buddy Miles. Under the artist name Jafni he has released the solo albums “A Notion of an Ocean” and “Muses of a Lone Wanderer”.

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