This is a documentary about the T'boli tribe in South Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines, desperately trying to preserve their traditions, art and customs in the face of global modernization and materialism.

The tribe are masters at music, dance and story-telling and are internationally renowned for their abaca-woven Tnalak cloth. Being with the T'boli tribe was a tremendously rewarding experience.

Many thanks to Philippine Airlines and The South Carolina Arts Commission for production support. Production Support by Maria Wanan, Rosie Sula & Ursula Aznar, T'boli translations by Silin Wanan.

Videography & Video Editing by Alan C. Geoghegan. More T'boli clips at

Dedicated to Gumbay Sulan, a T'boli Bamboo Zither player, who passed away after this production.

Salamat Po/Thank You! Alan. e-mail comments to

Not to be used without prior expressed permission, e-mail me, if it's for non-commercial use, it's usually ok!

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