Before watching this video, forget everything you know about 911. Forget everything you were told and start here with a fresh clean slate. Keep an open mind and just listen. Then you will see the real evidence in this video and the real truth of 911.

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There are many people who after studying for well over 10 years have come to a very powerful and controversial conclusion.... THAT THEIR WERE NO PLANES USED ON 911.

This is something I found hard to believe but after much research into this myself I to believe the planes are not real. Due to the enormous amount of impossible physics, damage and speeds. All of this is captured on many videos from that day.

This video will demonstrate to you the powerful yet conclusive claims, that what was on 911 to create the plane hitting the buildings was a highly advanced form of holographic technology. To which this has been used very successively to deceive the world and convince all off of us, through the mass media that hijacked planes were used on 911.

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