Next Wednesday the 23rd of January I will start crowd funding this project!

Watch the crowd funding site at:
Watch the Nile crocodile project site at:

It has never been done before
No one has dissected a Nile crocodile
And photographed and drawn and studied all its parts

Its bones
Its muscles
Its organs
Its blood vessels
Its lymphatic system

And then made scientific illustrations of all of those
In 3D

To rebuild that beautiful animal

So that you
And biologists
And scientists all over the world
Can study it like never before.

It is a huge undertaking which will take a full year
But the result will be awesome

And what's more:
I will share every step on my blog

So you
- and: other scientific illustrators -
can see the preparations

The dissection
The programs I use
The whole process.
I will take questions and explain.

I did it before.
With an octopus:

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