I Am. Heart-On-Sleeve is a poem written and performed by Ibiene Oguntoyinbo.

Transparency and Honesty is always an ambitious endeavor in a world that is "Every man for himself" and pessimism is thriving. To still show kindness and love even though it hurts; always hoping to see your efforts achieve the best for yourself and others.

Shot in London, the city is known for the rush and solitude of the commuter, yet Christmas brings about a change in pace, being a time many come together. The cold of winter met with the warmth of lights and this grey dull city adorned with a multitude of colour.

"I am.." is a series of spoken word video diaries, where each poet personifies a verb/saying. Through "I Am.." We hope to challenge identity and ideas and provoke change. This is our Ambition.

There are many more amazing poems to come!

So keep a look out!

Do you wear your heart on a sleeve? Then this is just for you!

Shot on Canon 500D

18-55 mm lens

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