This week I decided to try and build a DIY slider. After a few trips to Home Depot I got all the parts I needed, and was able to start the build. The build went smoothly enough you could say not to many mistakes. As you can see from the test shot (sliding from car make logo to model) I need to counterweight the slider mount on the front. I also messed up the white balance on the outdoor shots (why they appear more blue) showing the completed slider and test shot (the white balance was still set to custom from the build the night before). It was difficult to correct in post obviously why you should try to get the shot right in camera and perfect it in post, not fix it in post.

I also tried my first night time-lapse and decided to throw it in at the end. I learned a lot the time-lapse, and have notes on what to improve in the future. I won't be trying another one until it gets warmer out and it's not uncomfortable sitting outside for 2+ hours.

Filmed and edited by: Chris M
Music: Fascinating and Quirky
Night City

Camera: 550D
Lens: 24-105mm f/4.0
Aperture: Range f/4.0-7.1 (depending on shot)
Shutter: 1/50th and 4s
Picture Profile: CineStyle
ISO: 200-800 (depending on shot)

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