“G-Force” is a fun comedy adventure film that successfully blends two genres-the cute talking animal film, and the secret agent caper. It’s a bit like “Babe” crossed with “Mission Impossible”! Super-spy guinea pigs work as a secret team (along with a video equipped fly and computer genius mole) to help save the world from a diabolical plan.

This film won’t win any Oscars for writing or directing, but it’s an agreeable romp that keeps on moving and rarely gets boring. I saw it in a theatre filled with kids of all ages, and there was very little fidgeting going on.

The CGI animation of the critters is very realistic-so much so that you almost believe that you’re watching genuine animals, and the 3D effects add just enough fun and extra dimension to be worth the extra couple of dollars.

I especially enjoyed the voice work of Tracey Morgan as the guinea pig “Blaster” who had the majority of the funny bits, and Nicholas Cage as the mole “Spekles”. None of the characters in this film were very originally crafted, but the voice talent made them more pleasurable to listen to and watch.

It’s not the best family film of the summer by far, but it’s worth taking the little ones to if they’re suckers for funny furry critters and simplistic action.


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