Hello Everyone,
I have received several inquires from fellow film-makers lately asking me when I was going to release a new nature film; the thing is I didn't think I had anything worth cutting, however, I took advantage of this long (Martin Luther King) weekend and decided to cut a short film from b-roll clips I had saved from last Fall.

Let me warn you our colors last year in the southeast weren't that great, so I had to be a little creative this time and come up with ways to make up for our limited scenery; I hope you like it and appreciate the effort. The equipment is essentially the same, no new gadgets or tricks, except for taking it a little easy on the color grading this time, concentrating more on the mid-tones, an area often forgotten. So I hope you all enjoy it; don't be shy and leave me a comment if you do like it though.

Thank you,

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