Jose DeChamp: "Human beings as part of an amazingly beautiful all-one Gaia System ... you may also call it earth-system. Perhaps this has been largely forgotten ... Western culture has disconnected somehow. I am just as disconnected as most people around me. And just as helpless. But sometimes I can hear a faint calling so I keep on walking towards it.
Song Red Gaia is an apocalyptic manifestation of this state of mind ....... Whilst writing album ‘Siddhartha’ Chief Raoni’s cry went into this music; as did the cries of many from the abundant tribes of Gaia who remember All-connectedness."

RED GAIA - Gaia Ab Aeterno Lyrics

It’s no dream but I am flying
like a leaf in autumn winds,
where it brings me is deep desert,
darkness and a smell of end.

Oh I pray to be awaken,
feel Her sand between my teeth,
am I last to kiss the dust oh Gaia,
Her Gods wipin’ down the earth?

No more voices no more people
wind embraces desert sand,
am I last to kiss the dust my Gaia
last beneath the pyramid?

I remember children singing,
sing a song of Mother Earth.
No one left to sing your song my Mother,
last beneath the pyramid.

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