Story about an ordinary table living unordinary life.

"A Desk is where we work"
— Kate Donnelly

The desk that has been following me since my creative beginnings is actually a very simple table made out of a few cheap parts. When I came to Zagreb to study design the financial situation wasn’t very good. I couldn’t afford to be in one place only, so I moved a lot, slept where I could. Because of that I made this table which could be disassembled and transferred to a new location in no time. I bought a simple white chipboard size 80×100 cm, and two wooden legs. I used to draw and paint a lot then, and the surface allowed me to work on all kinds of paper sizes. That desk is actually the only thing which stayed with me for years. I made my initial sketches on it, designed first works, it served as a stand to many computers, and today I mainly use it for photographing handmade letters.

Music: Evgeny Grinko - Other child room (
Camera: Vladimir Koncar, Lejla Bakić
Director of photography, editing: Vladimir Koncar
Technical team: Goran, Igor, Sega
Equipment: Canon 550d (T2i), Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 USM IS, 2.8 100mm IS macro, Sigma EX 1.4 50mm

2010 - 2013

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