i promised i'd post video at least once a week in NYC, and because i utterly failed to uphold that promise... you get a 2 minute, 33 second montage of my life here (just the first 3 weeks). yay... !

the song is "twilight techno" by Dimrain47 at newgrounds: newgrounds.com/audio/listen/30208

in order of appearance:
[] teresa wu and steph chiu!
[] kelly sutton!
[] NNN offices
[] a BUNCH of next newer's :)
[] berlin, teresa's roommate's dog
[] my 3 roommates: aldo, mike, and eric
[] kenyatta cheese!
[] fireworks over the hudson river
[] next newer's at the barack-lyn cyclones game at coney island
[] me, getting all nostalgic on my rooftop *tear*


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