Animation II Midterm Project. I worked in a group with 2 other students to complete an animation. The animation had to include techniques previously covered in the course and had to create a fantastic otherworldly environment. We chose to create an environment that contained contrasting elements (underwater fish and land animals and plants) and then animated them to a surreal soundtrack. Completed in Maya, Mental Ray, Nuke, and After Effects.

Created by Micheal Raineri, Ross Macaluso, Mark Petrovich Jr.
I personally worked on modeling, instancing, and animation of the fish, animation and rigging of the giraffe, camera movement, and lighting.

Music by Ratatat, song title: Mirando

Note* this was our first attempt at using nuke and creating a character rig. Both of which were not previously covered in class. Nonetheless we feel our experimentation in these areas pushed our animation above and beyond the assignment.

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